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Legal Assistant or Paralegal Featured

  2020-05-06     Wilkerson Law Group     Idaho Falls  

Job Description

We are actively seeking a legal assistant, or a paralegal, to work in our Idaho Falls office. We are growing and have capacity for both types of positions. We practice in multiple areas of the law and are willing to pursue areas of law a paralegal might be interested in or be passionate about. While we have specific cases we need help with, we also want to encourage your personal growth.

Pay and Benefits

Pay is competitive and based on experience and skills. For example, a capable paralegal with years of experience will be paid differently than a legal assistant. 

Benefits include health insurance if needed, pay for relevant training and education, paid holidays, and paid vacation days.

Applicant Requirements

Previous experience is helpful, but not a must. We are looking for individuals who are proactive and want to learn. The ideal candidate will be flexible.  Professionalism, including a positive attitude, is expected.  Additionally, this is a position for someone who wants to learn and grow as opposed to someone who just wants to collect a paycheck.   

We are looking for someone who wants to be more than an office secretary.  You will be expected to manage areas of work with very little supervision. If the idea having a genuine say in shaping the strategic direction of the firm where you work appeals to you, please apply in strict confidence.      

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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